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How it works?

What's in it for you?

Tailored goal oriented programming

Science-based, Data driven and Dynamic Training

Efficient, simple & userfriendly

Free sport-specific templates available

Top features

Manage Your workout schedule on the ApLYFT CALENDAR.

Chat With your trainer and get feedback on your workout.

Log your workouts And recieive a working load recom- mendation using an advanced performance predicing software.

Track your performance On multiple data points (Weight, 1RMs, Body fat).

Upload Footage of your progress in a gallery (From videos to Pictures).


/ JENNIFER MILLICAN / 57 kg Powerlifting world champion

"What I have enjoyed most about using Aplyft is having everything in one place. I can access my programming, input what I've done for the day, include notes, videos, and conversations with my coach and all before I leave the gym. Not having to bounce between spreadsheets and email or messaging platforms or waste time uploading/organizing videos is so convenient and allows me to assess my progress quickly so I get to what matter's most....getting better."

/ ANNIKA ZELANDER / 72 kg Powerlifting European champion

“I am coach with a passion for helping others achieve their best performance when it counts. To do this, I use a data driven approach, backed by the scientific literature and years of anecdotal experience. Over the years, I have worked with powerlifters, bodybuilders, as well as hundreds of D1 and professional athletes. I specialize in working with powerlifters and bodybuilders who are dedicated to reaching the top of their sport.”