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There has never been a more exciting time to help people reach their goals, but it’s also getting increasingly harder. Often do clients follow random online workouts and miss out on the true value of a proper training program. Very few are the users who know where to look when searching for certified, highly qualified trainers.

Which is why we're happy to introduce APLYFT

An online platform that allows qualified trainers to find, recruit and train clients worldwide remotely. At APLYFT we do not compromise on Quality, and we encourage a science-based approach when it comes to training.


Find new clients worldwide

APLYFT acts as a storefront to put your offering in front of relevant potential clients worldwide.

Manage your clients or Athletes

Follow-up on their daily training, Track their performance over time, chat and share videos.

Create your own workout sheets and templates

create templates using our exercise video library and customize them quickly to your clients’ needs, benefit from a predictive software that recommends the adequate load based on your clients’ performance.

Set your own program price

You decide how much you want to charge.

No upfront cost

Set up your trainer profile and be listed for free.

Secure payments

Payments done through Stripe ensuring secure and timely delivery of your funds

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Create and customize your own workout templates and assign them easily to your athletes.


Track your athletes’ performance over time. Benefit from an advanced and innovative predictive software to optimize your programming.


Sync your calendar with your athletes’ to better adapt their workouts to their lifestyles (vacation, travel times…)


Gain access to a library of more than 200 instructional videos to guide your athletes in performing the required exercise. You can even create and submit your own.


stay in touch with your client on the app

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