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After successfully passing the interview process, become a listed trainer on APLYFT and gain exposure to new clients.

APLYFT charges a 20% commission on every client found on the app. The rest goes straight into your pocket!

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You get all the required tools to deliver top-quality workout and nutrition plans.

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Manage Your workout schedule on the ApLYFT CALENDAR.

Chat With your trainer and get feedback on your workout.

Log your workouts And recieive a working load recom- mendation using an advanced performance predicing software.

Track your performance On multiple data points (Weight, 1RMs, Body fat).

Upload Footage of your progress in a gallery (From videos to Pictures).

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/ Cody Haun / PhD, MA, CSCS, One of the leading academics in the field of exercise science

"I am a scientist first and a coach second. I have a passion for positively impacting the lives of people through providing critically thought-out, data-driven, scientifically-sound nutrition and training programming services that equip individuals to successfully achieve their performance and/or physique goals. I seek to offer the best service within my power and I am confident, given my background, education, experience, and relentless pursuit of knowledge pertaining to human physiology and the training process, that I can provide you with programming to realize great results. Feel free to contact me with any questions."

/ Aaron Thomas / MS, CSCS, Coach to several Powerlifting and physique champions

"I am coach with a passion for helping others achieve their best performance when it counts. To do this, I use a data driven approach, backed by the scientific literature and years of anecdotal experience. Over the years, I have worked with powerlifters, bodybuilders, as well as hundreds of D1 and professional athletes. I specialize in working with powerlifters and bodybuilders who are dedicated to reaching the top of their sport. With over 10 years of experience, thousands of hours of research, and several USAPL and IPF gold medalists, I am confident than I can take you to the next level."

/ Peter hofstetter / Head coach of the Austrian National Powerlifting team

"Working with Aplyft has allowed me to push myself, mentally and physically. He’s helped me work around my hectic schedule which has allowed me train harder and build confidence. I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with one of top coaches and lifters in the world."

/ Gary Williams / Head coach of the Belarus National Powerlifting team

"Working with lyft has been an invaluable experience. I have added over 150 pounds to my total, and that number keeps climbing. But; more importantly, I’ve created a solid foundation for consistent progress which is the best investment any athlete can make."

/ Arthur Hirner / 6x world champion, 15x German National champion, Bench Press specialist

"The most valuable thing that I gained from Aplyft was that the understanding of who I was helped me better coach who they were."

/ Lucas Dees / MS, CSCS, USATF-1, USAW-1, Sports performance coach

"DISC has given our team a much better understanding of themselves and others and created a common language to discuss our similarities and differences. It has totally enhanced our communication both on and off the field… We get a lot of feedback on DISC…who doesn’t like learning about themselves? [The athletes] also love being able to identify their coaches, teammates, etc. They also enjoy hearing about our team’s culture and how we reframe things like competition (both internally and externally) and how we focus on the person’s character and how that has a positive impact on our results."

/ Jake Cannizzaro / BS, CSCS, Physique specialist

"I've been working with Bo Hanson and using the Athlete Assessment's DISC Profiles for a few years now. I really enjoy working with him and he has significantly helped me understand my players and how to get the most out of each one of them."


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